A Career in Sports Marketing Essay

A Career in Sports Marketing Essay

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Motocross is one of youngest sports in the world. While being one of the youngest, it is also one of the pioneering action sports and has seen major growth over the last half century. The sport has the most comprehensive coverage on broadcast networks like NBC, Fox Sports and CBS Sports that it has ever experienced. One of the biggest events of the year is the “Motocross of Nations” or “MXon”, consisting of teams from roughly 40 countries. MXoN is sanctioned is sanctioned by FIM and promoted by Youthstream, both motocross affiliated companies headquartered in Europe. The race is usually held in Europe, other than being hosted in the United States three times in 1987, 2007 and 2010. Due to the growth in popularity for the sport, companies are seeking to sponsor riders and teams while promoters are looking to sponsor series and events that bring in millions of dollars in TV and events. There are many other growing sports that have taken the sports marketing world for a loop such as lacrosse, Nascar, and surf. Sports marketing plays a huge part in all of these sports. Behind all of the money, advertisements, and endorsements there are hard working people that have love and desire for what they do. These people are sports marketers. An article titled “Career and Professional Development: Sports Marketing” briefly explains what a sports marketer is, what they do, and how they can vary in the field. For example, necessary characteristics and skills include communication, organization, self-confidence, and interpersonal.The article “Overview of Careers in Sports Marketing” identifies qualities and skills of a sports marketer including an innovative mind and a competitive mindset. The online PDF “The Strategic Sport Marketing Planning Pr...

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...rect skills calls for the utmost goal of any sports marketer: expand and profit the company and product that one has worked on. Again, reaching this ultimate goal takes a competitive edge along with a great attitude.

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