A Brief Lee 's Role With The Pathologist And Screen Slides At Palm Beach Pathology

A Brief Lee 's Role With The Pathologist And Screen Slides At Palm Beach Pathology

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Overall Lee is satisfied with his career as a cytotechnologist; which is a person who is trained to diagnosis cellular abnormalities like cancer, pre-malignant conditions, and infectious diseases. If you work at a hospital, then you could be required to go to procedures called FNAs (fine needle aspirations) with the pathologist and screen slides at the microscope. Lee’s position is in a small reference laboratory in the mornings he screen’s non-gynecological specimens (non-gyns) like FNA’s, urines, and other body fluids. After screening non-gyns his day is then composed of screen pap smears; which can be a long day if there are no non-gyns to screen. Most cytologists will stay in the field if they like their job. His position allows him to accomplish his personal goal of providing for his family, and to him that’s all that matters. Lee plans on staying at Palm Beach Pathology as long as he is physically able too.
Some of the difficulties at Lee’s place of employment are tolerating certain coworkers, the noise level, and staff shortages. After working with your coworkers for a period of time allows you to realize they may have qualities you find aggravating like showing up to work late ( in this case over 2 hours late), falling asleep the microscope for a period of time, playing on the internet, and not starting work for two hours after already being clocked in. In a laboratory the cytology department is supposed to be kept separate from all other distractions since cytologists are diagnosing cancer, and at Lee’s work the cytotechnologists are in a large room with 11 other employees, reception, faxes, phones, deliveries, and with a site supervisor who shouts everything and seems to refuse to have meetings in her office. Recently,...

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...real-life, and now the current managers only analyze the reports and forget to factor in real life scenarios.
Overall, the benefits of working at Target Corporation include a higher starting wage, 401K matches 5%, plus an additional discount on items purchased through the company, and free shipping. The starting wage is roughly $11 an hour; which is a higher starting wage then other jobs that don’t require a higher degree. Also, if Ann were to move into a different position she could possible lose the pay differential she gets working midnight shifts. Since Ann doesn’t have a higher degree and she’s recently reentering the workforce her career opportunity are limited. Thus, with limited options and a higher pay Ann is forced to stay her job as a flow member until she has a creditable work history to advance to either another opportunity at Target or another company.

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