Eric Davis Case Study

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Pioneering the Physiology World
Eric Davis, anatomy and physiology teacher at Hempfield Area High School is more than your typical high school teacher. He has become an inspiration to students that choose to take his class year after year while also majorly changing how many high schools view the human body. He has pioneered physiology in high school settings, with his class being one of the few known physiology courses offered to high school students.
Mr. Eric Davis gained his interest for anatomy from a young age. His father was a college professor and his sister became a doctor. Growing up he was constantly surrounded by medical personnel, but he never made a solid decision that he wanted to follow these careers until his sophomore year
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Through college Eric Davis was a baseball player who was forever looking for a way to improve his pitch, or how he could train better for longer without consequences to his body. “I was constantly looking for new ways to improve my body, or the way I did things. I was always interested in finding how much I could do without causing injury.” (Davis)
Mr. Davis started at Hempfield as a middle school physical education teacher, soon being swept away by fate to the place he finds himself most content. He has the school district to thank for moving him to the high school, where he finally found a solid place of comfort. Never once was he disappointed teaching in a middle school, but it wasn’t until he moved to the high school that he found where he knew he wanted to be. Continuing in the path of physical education, he continued to teach for seven years before he would really find that path that he belonged
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Students who are looking for jobs in accounting or management are also taking the class for the fact that someone has to run hospitals. All students are interested in taking the class now, and because of that, Mr. Davis has started changing the class to keep all students informed the way the need to be. To keep this information relative, Mr. Davis is constantly in contact with college professors of all areas. “I want to know what they want their students to know before they start college. Then I use that in my class plans and give that information to my students.”

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