You Must Be Hungry - Original Writing Essay

You Must Be Hungry - Original Writing Essay

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I got out of bed, went into the bathroom to washed my face and brushed my teeth. After I finished, I went downstairs halfway there I realized I forgot my cellphone. I ran back up and grabbed my phone along with my headphones off the bed, then went back downstairs. I ran into the kitchen following the smell of delicious food my grandpa was preparing. “Good morning sugar”, my grandpa said. “ Good Morning papa”,I replied. As my stomach growled while I stood in the kitchen walkway.“Well you must be hungry”,he said. “ Yes I am”, I said followed by a laugh. “Well come have a seat”, he insisted. I came in, sat at the table and pulled out my phone and started to play Temple Run. He came and sat down a plate filled with strawberry waffles, cheesy eggs, and bacon just how I like it.
As I started eating ,my grandpa opened the curtains letting the sun in. “ What do you plan on doing today?”, he asked.” I might watch a couple of movies, or play on the Xbox, get on Facebook, and FaceTime my friends, you know the usual”. “ Why don 't you never go play outside, enjoy the fresh air, do somethin...

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