The Dark! - Original Writing

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The Dark! - Original Writing All I see before me is darkness-a cold and chilling sight compared to the warmth my previous life had comforted me with. Everywhere I look is black, not a light or spark in sight. The situation I find myself in is so uncommon, yet so alluring to my senses. My body has become numb from the cool wind blowing, yet the wind seems to touch my mind as well, sending me into panic. Thoughts flow into my head. Where can I go in such a place? Where is there to run to in the darkness? I look at my feet- they are the vehicle for my journey, the only solution to finding my way through this barren and desolate place. I close my eyes, feeling my foot reaching out into the unknown, and as it comes down, the blackness is gone. I open my eyes to find myself in a world of lush green trees, birds singing and sunlight streaming through the copious canopy above me. As I start to move through the fertile surroundings, my body becomes light, as if it has transformed into a dream. I continue to walk, taking in the scenery around me, captivated by this new and exciting wilderness. Suddenly I see a shadow looming above me. I turn, fast on my heels to confront my attacker, to find no-one there. Yet the shadow still looms. I fasten my pace, hoping to get away from my silent follower. Yet the shadow still looms. I run, my feet lifting off the ground as fast as they can, as they try to keep up with my beating heart. I hear the shadow call out to me. “Faster, faster!” it yells, “You are running out of time- hurry!” It still looms above me, following me so that I can’t escape it. I begin to sweat. What am I going to do? Who is this monster, hunting me like prey, forcing me to flee? I run- run away from the shadow, run away from the voice, run away from any comfort I had found.
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