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Writing an Essay

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How to Write an Excellent Essay

Excellent essays get results. A well-written essay can earn you a scholarship or entrance into your favorite college. Many essays win contests and prizes and encourage others to live better lives. Well written essays turn the hearts of the people. Early America was motivated to fight for freedom from England because of the writings of Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson. Your well-written essays might be printed in newspapers and make a positive impact in the lives of others. You can change cold hearts and encourage fellow believers by your written words.

To write a good essay, one must have a particular point to make. A well-written essay includes an interesting point to ponder in the introduction, an assortment of solid facts to emphasize the point in the body, and a strong summation in the conclusion. If you are writing for a contest or scholarship, then the topic suggestions may be given to you. If you are practicing writing essays and you cannot come up with a topic, try writing emotional statements. Here are some ideas: I hate abortion! Income tax is against the Constitution! There is NO speparation of church and state in the Bill of Rights! Israel has the right to defend itself from terrorism.... etc.

Start your essay with a grabber statement, quote or question. Be sure that you hook your reader’s attention. Expound on your opinion or your concern with a few sentences explaining your point of view. The next part of your essay needs to have clean clear facts to back up your powerful point. Here is where you can quote other people. A good essay does not always have to be only about your own opinion. You will be more effective if you integrate other’s opinions or facts and data to back up your point of view. Try to give a few facts with a sentence or two to explain each fact with clear supporting points. Be sure to use good connecting phrases to connect your facts.

For example, begin with your main point and why you are concerned.

* Excellent Essays Get Results
The need to write excellent essays is more important today than ever. Well-written essays can earn scholarships, change hearts and open doors once closed by bigotry and prejudice.

Then start explaining your position by writing clear exact facts or well documented solutions to the problem.

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* ABC University has an essay contest alongside each scholarship awarded. Arapahoe Community College was seeking applicants to write essays for a Martin Luther King Scholarship. My friend Cassie Smith was encouraged to apply. Her essay won her a full tuition scholarship for the next academic year!

Another asset of writing a good essay is the ability to send a well-written letter to an editor of a newspaper. Excellent essays can sway the minds of thousands of readers. For example: Carol Christensen recently wrote an eloquent letter to the Castle Rock Daily Star (November 26, 2003) She was writing about the recent ordination of a homosexual bishop. Her balanced biblical arguments may have encouraged many silent majority readers to speak up in agreement. She may also have given opponents pause for thought.

Three main points are all you should need in a good essay. Then it’s time to wrap up your paper and drive your point home. Summarize your point of view, refer to your facts and conclude with strong final statement that clarifies your original point. If you have done your job, the reader will automatically nod thier head in agreement with you.

* Students may find that every moment spent learning to write effective essays might pay off in big dividends in the future; My friend Cassie only spent a few hours on her Martin Luther King essay, but her scholarship was worth thousands of dollars. Well constructed essays have been known to bring balance to arguments, thoughtful solutions to problems and answers to a questioning world.

Please note Mrs. Smith’s eloquent letter below:

To the editor:

This letter is in reference to the views expressed by Fr. Rick Meyers, which appeared in the 11/16/03 issue of the Sunday Star regarding the ordination of an openly homosexual Episcopal bishop. It is my belief that scripture is inspired by God. It is the most objective tool we have to ascertain His thinking in regard to our relationship with Him and each other.
(Main Point of letter)

Most people familiear with the past 50 to 60 years would have to admit that there are many indications of deterioration in the culture. Could it be that a society that was once largely driven by traditional Judeo-Christian values (mostly based on scripture) has decided to ignore God's loving guidelines and carve out its own permissive values based on the "god" of hedonism (personal pleasure above everything)?
(Facts for Emphasis)

(Broader facts/foundations to gain wider support)
The health of a society is generally reflected by the health of its basic building block, the family and out of the family emerge future citizens. Permissive sexual behavior does not contribute to the family. Reason and experience testify to this. In love, parents instill healthy fear of real dangers in their children. Wise children obey and avoid bad consequences. This is true in the physical realm (i.e., running into traffic!) and in the moral/spiritual realm. Our loving God has provided great instruction in His Word and we as individuals and a society ignore it at our peril.
(Excellent conclusion!)

Carol Smith
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