What Makes Someone Successful Essay

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In order to be successful one must be able to motivate and challenge themselves to overcome obstacles. Lacking determination could lead someone to miss out on their opportunity to strive because their obstacles intimidate them into quitting. Having a strong mindset allows for someone to make decisions confidently, preventing their self- deprecating thoughts to build a barrier to their success. Success is about having a strong work ethic as opposed to cheating and stealing for self establishment. My ideology on what makes someone successful comes from my own personal interest as opposed to social conditioning because socially people are only interested in the amount of money made not on how fairly or honestly the money was made. A person who does not possess these qualities may make money, but they aren’t successful for taking advantage of others or stepping on others to reach the top of the ladder. Taking advantage of others for success makes them worthless to society and less valuable to corporations. A person lacking motivation makes them less credible and reliable. If…show more content…
Giving back to others is an important aspect of having a happy life because it makes me appreciate my life and the support I receive from others. It makes me value my relationships with others and the opportunities I have been provided while growing up. Meaningful relationships I have with others has shaped me to improve as a person and to embrace my flaws. My mentors have helped me with obstacles along the way and broken down my mental defenses that pose as limitations.Without these motivators and significant people in my life, I would be less open minded and let my limitations define me. Having an open minded environment is important for a happy life because I want to be able to independently express my own thoughts and emotions to be able to grows as a

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