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World Of Work : Silver Report Essay

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World of Work - Silver Report

I would like to work in the education sector as a dance teacher. I would like to work with high school and sixth form age pupils. A particular school I would like to work within is Accrington Academy, Accrington, Lancashire. Accrington Academy is it non-selective large secondary school and sixth form with 1104 mixed pupils aged 11 to 16 in main school and 197 mixed students enrolled into sixth form. Accrington Academy is a specialist Science and sports academy that also followed a strong school ethos to bring out the best in everyone they have developed a strong culture to focus on hard work, dedication and ambition. Accrington Academy is managed and funded by the United Learning Trust this is one of over 20 secondary schools managed by United Learning Trust. The in school leadership is made up of one principle, two vice principals, two associate principles and four associate assistant principals.

Dance teachers at Accrington Academy have a range of key duties and responsibilities ranging from; planning lessons in line with the national curriculum, to providing extracurricular clubs for all years and abilities. It is important for teachers to engage all pupils using a variety of different teaching styles, ensure all marking and progress/monitoring is done on time and lastly all pupils are happy, safe and are never put at risk. Out of the usual week dance teachers at Accrington Academy have to attend meetings, courses, training, parent’s evenings, and are expected to do dinner/break duty and represent the school.

As a teacher it is important to present a professional image, attitude and approach at work. It is imperative to be punctual, dress correctly, honest and trustworthy. But as a teacher you ...

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... school in 2015 Accrington Academy was rated as a good school overall. Accrington Academy’s value added is 1012 this is a statistical measure of how well pupils are helped to progress from their starting point. A score above 1,000 is better than the national average. The percentage of A*-C at GCSE and A*-D at A-level are key areas used to evaluate the school. League tables are made based on these results so you can find have the school in achieving in relation to other schools within the area and nationally. In 2013/14 the academy was acknowledged as one of the top 20% of schools across the country for progression in the last 3 years. Accrington Academy have a close relationship with the local community and rent their pool gym tracks pictures and on the spot suited to look me a text or just a small cost then help from the school this is the system run by Tony Rodia.

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