The Importance Of Data Accuracy

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The Importance of Data Accuracy

The accuracy of data input is extremely important. There are several types of data input. They all provide different aspects of data accuracy. There is Copy and paste method, Typing of data input manually, Verbal through voice recognition & Verbal to a stenographer, importing from other resources. Handwritten & Scan tron scanners, network sharing, Bar Coding, Bar Scanners, Punch out Tads such as the one used in the presidential election in Florida.

I in the following Senerios the accuracy of data is described

A. In the Printed Questionnaires inputting data using handwritten answers that later are put through a scan tron machine is extremely accurate. By having the original and then having an electronic devise read according to where a mark is physically placed on a sheet of paper or scorecard is quick and accurate.

B. In a Telephone survey, Handwritten score sheets, using a pre-determined questions in a predetermined order is accurate by repetition. Anything out of the ordinary will stand out and be easily picked up and dealt with.

C. Bank Checks can easily be procesed by running the check through a scanning devise that reads reading the bottom of the checks for account routing information. While the actual Dollar a real life person inputs amount of the check with a ten key keypad for entering in numbers in a designated area of the check for accuracy of currency. This method is extremely fast and accurate for banks so that they can process thousands of checks in a timely manner.

D. Retail tags are marked with a bar code. Usually an Item in a retail store of thousand of items needs to identify each item respectively. So by using a bar code that put a predetermined set of #'s into a code format. Any scanner in the store can simply scan the code for each identifying # instead of remembering or writing down 6 and 8 digit #'s to identify. This intern eliminates the dyslexia and mixing #'s up.

E. Long Documents, are best inputted with a scanner or copy and paste for accuracy. This will ensure no typing or grammatical errors. Monkey see monkey do. No emotions or thoughts.

II Along with Accuracy of data there also Convience and Quality of output. For

A. Hand Held Devises a small LCD screen can easily and effectively provide a convient output. Just like having a Computer Monitor but smaller and lighter.
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