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I am going to be brief, in the series of the events, which lead up to much of what remained of Humanity having to take shelter in very large underground bunkers scattered across the Globe. They are called the Iron Shields Protective Bunkers or Iron Shields for short, due to them having the shape of a shield. They are not exactly what you would call comfortable or your first choice for a place to spend the rest of your natural life (which is likely over 80 years, with all the wonders of medicine of the day.)

But I am getting off the topic at hand....what was I saying again...Oh!!! Now I remember. I was about to tell you something, that is of great importance. I first must clear up one thing, before I tell you my story. I am only a seventeen year old, and I have a C- in history class. So don’t expect, some world class description of the history of the events, that transpired and lead up to the entrance of the human race into the Bunkers that are located five miles underground. I am going to be very brief, and straight to the point about all of it. The summary of these events, will likely only take a little more than fifteen hundred words to explain, the necessary information. It 's going to be a summary with very few details. Because I hate writing long papers, and I don 't like history very much (it 's far too long and boring with too many hard facts to remember). But little did I know, that both thing, would change forever very soon.

Let me start. *Ahem*......I am about to share with you some commonly known history about the War and Prewar times. This as I said earlier is an overview of it, I will be very brief in my explanation of these events. But I would suppose the first thing you want to know, is why this all came ...

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...proven and unfounded, seeing that the world is very large. And based on statistic 's there are 3000 people in our state, who are not accounted for in death tolls or in war enlistments 800 years ago. So I sometimes wonder, what happened to those people. But I likely will never know, because the dome locks us behind the thick iron doors, and have armored guards for all escape attempts (except for when you are cast out of the dome for major crimes). My thought about this are, that this is not right, seeing that they had prisons in the days before the war. But the Overseer says “We don 't have time to give murders, thieves and assaulters Trials. If you have enough proof to convict, you proof you have enough proof for a sentence." (Although for Guards she makes an exception, she locks them up and throws away the key for years, if they give away confidential information.)

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