Women During The Ballet Theater Essay

Women During The Ballet Theater Essay

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What do you see when you hear the word “ballet”? Most likely women on a stage wearing tutus and pointe shoes. But it wasn’t like that the whole time, well not until the Romantic Era in 1832. Without Louis XIV, the ballet world would be completely different than it is today. We could still be on the line of actually allowing women to be a part of a ballet. Aspiring choreographers should look up to Jean Georges Noverre because he started tying dancing with story, also known as “Shakespeare of Ballet”. After his debut of the first story ballet, other choreographers started getting the idea of pleasing the audience with a story .The Romantic Era influenced romantic ballets, which of course, needed female lead roles. This was the first appearance of women in the ballet theater. Pointe shoes are a very important today, but back then, they were even bigger. Today it is just a standard to have them, but when they first came out, it was a privilege to wear them. So how did ballet start, and where is it today?
It all started during the end of the Renaissance in Italy, late 1600s. Most of the dancing was at weddings and other big celebrations performed by noblemen. Comique was the first “style” of dance, there was no dramatic continuity, no music, and it would just be a variety of dances with no plot. In the 1630s, people of all walks of life, would go and pay to see these shows. During the reign of Louis XIV, ballet became more and more popular. The Comédie-ballet was a spoken play with music and dance, kind of like a Broadway play today. In 1661, choreographer Pierre Beauchamp, created a ballet to honor the king. Louis XIV was amazed by this performance that he established the Académie Royale de Danse in France in 1661, which is the firs...

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...oles to women in the dances, and developing a style of dance unique to their physique- the use of pointe shoes. Through ballet, women’s skirts came up off their ankles so that the fancy footwork and grace would not be hidden under heavy skirts. While scandalous when the first ballerina lifted those skirts, the tutu, the shortest of any skirt in any culture or fashion, is the normal uniform of the modern ballerina. Heavy heeled shoes gave way to the pointe shoe, designed to lift a dancer onto her toes; and while they are designed to give the illusion of a lightness of step and floating across the stage, the use of these shoes requires a skill and stamina that very few can endure. Although ballet today seems outdated and stale, many cultural advances have developed as a result of this storytelling dance form. Ballet has, and continues to evolve throughout the years.

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