Women And Adults Have Received Healthy Living Education From The Kanawha County 4

Women And Adults Have Received Healthy Living Education From The Kanawha County 4

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2015 Results:
Over 470 youth and adults have received healthy living education from the Kanawha County 4-H Agent who taught 49 hours in six programs.

• 187 youth identified physical activities that they enjoy during the 4-H Outdoor Classroom physical education session taught by the 4-H agent.
• Just over a 152 4-H Club members received health education from 4-H Club Health Officers.
• 5 Kanawha County Teen Leaders have completed the Health Ambassador Training
o 123 youth received Healthy Life Style Program through the 4-H Discovery Overnight, a day-long weekend event, and at two afterschool programs
• 9 middle school youth increased cooking skills and learned about healthy eating.
• 50 afterschool youth complete Health Living education program, which included Health Rocks! curriculum by the 4-H Extension Agent
• 15 adults learn about healthy choices with Choose to Change Family Night Training
• 2,081 youth received nutrition education offered through 4-H Family Nutrition Program. Two staff completing this were supported, coached, and supervised by the 4-H agent.

Healthy Living Program provided by the agent included Health Rocks! curriculum and was successful offered at the Ruthlawn Afterschool program. Youth gained knowledge about substance use, and gained confidence in their ability to resist substances and make good decisions. While this program doesn’t end until December 16, 2017, an survey results regarding two lessons on stress are listed in this narrative’s documentation.

Cooking Club members were evaluated about their cooking knowledge and confidence using a Likert scale survey with 1(none) to 5(very much). The mean scores indicates that youth gained the most knowledge or confidence in knife safety (5), and confiden...

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...ool, the miliarty youth day event, and the overnight event. I have also identified additional opportunities for them in Kanawha County to offer a Health Day during Outdoor Classrooms, 4-H Discovery Overnight Event, at two afterschool programs, and at the military event.

As the 4-H agent in Kanawha County, I made a successful and concerted effort this year to integrate the nation healthy living mandate at the county level. 4-H Clubs received health books and a training provided to club officers to assist with the integration of health education at the club level. The continuation of the middle school cooking club provides two hours each month for youth to learn how to use kitchen equipment, prepare healthy meals, and learn about nutrition. Additionally, I serve as a resource and the trainer as needed for family night events with the Choose to Change Program.

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