Personal Statement About Nutrition

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The Rio Grande Valley (RGV) usually ranks among the top ten fattest cities in the United States. Because of the obesity concern in the RGV, I decided to change my eating habits at a young age. Unfortunately, my lack of nutrition knowledge and professional guidance led to a severe illness and several hospitalizations. Throughout my illness, I consulted with several professionals who taught me about healthy eating habits, mindset, and lifestyle. Being able to grow in a community with a high rate of obesity, yet also understanding malnutrition from personal experience helped me to understand and learn about nutrition on both extremes of the spectrum. Although my actions at a young age led to disabilities I currently struggle with, I developed…show more content…
In addition to learning about dietetics in a hospital, I helped organize patient charts corresponding to each dietitian on the floor and learned about the dietitians’ experience and opportunities in the dietetic profession. Because of my interest, the dietitian director offered me a catering associate job at the hospital. Being a catering associate provided hands on experience using the concepts and information I learned in my classes. As a catering associate, I prepared diets for patients according to their nutrition diagnosis and practiced customer service by interacting with patients when I delivered their foods. Because I was able to experience the business and clinical aspects of nutrition, I decided to get the foodservice experience of nutrition. Currently, I am the Student Manager Intern at Littlefield Patio Café. As a Student Manager Intern, I have created binders that are user friendly for new workers. The binders include the employees’ responsibilities, food preparations and recipes, customer service, food safety guidelines, and professionalism in the work field. This helped increase…show more content…
In addition, I have assisted supervisors in monitoring and taking corrective action to provide quality food to customers. Also, I am currently the treasurer of Alpha Phi Omega. As a treasurer, I created a budget with the officers so dues would be established. The pledge class then voted on the budget to ensure fairness and equal representation. My other duties include setting deadlines for pledge officers to turn
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