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Participation in physical activity, can lead to a healthy lifestyle, for primary school students. Caspersen, Powell and Christenson (1985) define activity as “any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that results in energy expenditure… In daily life, [it] can be categorised into occupational, sports, conditioning, household or other activities”. Physical activity is directly related to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle “is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (World Health Organisation, 1948). With healthy lifestyles rapidly decreasing (Fleeton, 2011), the demand for students to participate and be taught the importance of physical activity capturing bad habit before they arise. This essay will argue that physical activity, has a significantly positive effect on the lifestyle of primary school students by highlighting that physical activity improves physical fitness and behavioural skills, promotes fitness outside the classroom and impacts positively on classroom performance. Physical activity also positively impacts on students psychological and physiological factors.
Physical activity improves student’s physical fitness, health and behaviour, encouraging fitness outside the classroom. Students are provided with many opportunities for physical fitness, structured and social? Warburton et al states physical fitness as “a physiologic state of well-being that allows one to meet the demands of daily living or that provides the basis for sport performance, or both. Health-related physical fitness, involves the components of physical fitness related to health status” (2006). Socially students are offered time for physical activity during free time...

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...r daily activities, including their effort and ability contributing in their classroom a result of exercise, student’s energy balance also related to encouraging fitness outside the classroom because of the behavioural changes of their energy expenditure. Student’s risk of obesity is decreased by physical activity modifying their body composition. Beneficial changes to student’s immune systems comes from their interaction with structured and social exercise. This lowers students’ risk of becoming sick which can also relate to their classroom performance as they will not be missing vital learning time.
In conclusion, physical activity in schools is beneficial for student’s wellbeing, academic performance and both psychological and physiological factors.
Participation in physical activity, can lead to a healthy lifestyle, for primary school students.

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