The Smart Goal Of The Obesity Program

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Goals and Objectives The SMART goal of the obesity program is to reduce the obese population in Pitt County by creating a healthier diet program. Different objectives will be needed in order to reach this goal. The first objective is that from July 2016 through December 2016 100 community members will participate in the health department’s health promotion activities. This objective aligns with the reinforcement construct of the Social Cognitive Theory. By repeatedly participating in the activities, the 100 community members will be rewarded with the knowledge they receive and also motivation to change their behavior. By having an enjoyable time, they will be rewarded and want to keep coming back to the activities. The second objective is that following the 6-month duration; the majority of the participants will lose 2-10% of their original body weight by changing to a healthier diet. The reason the participants need to lose 2-10% of their body weight is to either prevent or reduce the chances of gaining other health diseases associated with obesity, including coronary artery disease and Type 2 Diabetes. This objective aligns with the self-efficacy construct. By losing a little bit of body fat, the participants will believe in their ability to lose weight, and continue to do so. The third objective is that on June 17 and June 24, informational brochures will be distributed to the community members to create awareness and reminders to join the obesity program, and gain knowledge about the health condition of obesity. This objective deals with the behavioral capability construct of the Social Cognitive Theory because the participants will gain the knowledge and skills needed to change their behavior through the brochures. Strateg... ... middle of paper ... order to show the participants that cooking at home is an easy task. This will increase their self-efficacy. During this program, participants will be trying to lose 2-10% of their body weight in 6-months’ time. By losing a little weight, they will see that they can achieve weight loss, and will continue to try and lose weight. The reinforcement construct refers to rewards or punishments someone gets for doing something. By going to every meeting, participants will be rewarded by small prizes. This will reward them for coming, and they will be more likely to return. Fact sheets, brochures, and a series of print materials will be used to teach the participants and motivate them to participate. By completing this program that has been based on the Social Cognitive Theory, participants will lose weight and learn about how to eat a healthy diet in their daily lives.

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