Wireless Technology Security Concept Paper

Wireless Technology Security Concept Paper

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Wireless Technology Security Concept Paper
Derek Hees
American Military University
Intrusion Detection and Incident Handling
ISSC 642
Dr. David Andersson

Wireless Technology Security
Wireless technology is an industry that is growing exponentially. For every new and existing product, there is a want/need and expectation that the product will someday be available to use wirelessly. The only obstacle is the time it takes to advance the technology to become wireless.
This wireless movement has been fueled by the rise and advancement of the cellular phone. Before cellular phones were common in personal and business use, a person had to be in a specific place at the time a call was placed to receive the phone call or message. Cellular phones gave the user to the ability to make and receive calls at any location. The first truly portable cellular phone was sold by Motorola in 1983, costed $3,900, was bulky, and could only place and receive basic phone calls (marwalla, 2010). This was impractical for most consumers and businesses at the time. However, innovation and advances in technology allowed manufacturers to continuously improve all aspects of the cell phone. Cell phones became “smarter”, packing more features into a smaller space and becoming increasingly affordable. The correlating evolution of broadband wireless internet and cellular data network have also attributed to the advancement.
Today, cellular phones have a graphical user interface, touchscreens, high-speed data connections, and applications that help the user achieve almost any task (Smith, 2015). Smartphones are becoming more commonly known as “mobile devices”. This is due to the fact that being a phone is now only a small part of the ...

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