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SOCIAL MEDIA: HOW HAS SOCIAL MEDIA IN MOBILE PHONES CHANGED OUR SOCIETY? Discussion of research problem and motivation for study substantiated by ample reference to literature. Mobile phones have become a staple of our society, with everyone from school kids to senior citizens owing at least one. Although mobile applications and texting have made our lives easier, same questions the impact they have had on the relationships we have with one another (Laura Jerpi, 2014). One of the most technologically prevent influence over the past decade has been the mobile phone. Mobile phone appeared as one of the defining technologies of our time ( Rainie and Keeter,2006) and is having an impact on our society in terms of creating an informative ,connected, culturally innovative, and converging society and on personal life of users in many ways including time use ,privacy issues, emancipation, safety, individuality , status and confidence ,competence in communications and connectedness, hilarious ,discretion, planned life , time management ( Rainie and Keeter, 2006). The mobile phone has rapidly become a critical and essential communication tool that is being used in the whole world. Since their initiation mobile phones have enjoyed an especially uptake among teenagers and young adults (Baron, 2010). Though Information Communication Technology (ICT), internet and outsourcing have changed the way every business is managed by providing capabilities and have helped small or large organizations to ever changing conditions, mobile technology is going to change the ways business is directed. The biggest challenge is for an enterprise to adopt mobile phone technology to create competitive advantage, improves productivity and profitability of the c... ... middle of paper ... ... to all networks access information that they do though mobile phone. Thus a reason for conducting this study is to determine whether social media in mobile phones has an effect on the way that individuals function in society. Or whether there are other factors that play a role. Based on the above, the research question is: How has social media in mobile phones changed our society? Aims, objectives or purpose of the inquiry The aim of this study is to determine whether social media in mobile phones has an effect on the way that individuals function in society in order to reach this, the following objectives that are set: • To discover to provide realistic evidence of the influences on mobile phone adoption. • To explore the role of mobile phone adoption as positive and negative effects on mobile phones technology on everyday lives of individuals in our society.
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