Why Students Should Drop Out Of Community College Essay

Why Students Should Drop Out Of Community College Essay

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Many high school graduates often get accepted to a four-year private or public college/university, yet choose to go to a community college in hopes that they will save money and stay away from debt. These students often plan to go to a community college for two years and transfer, often, with an associate’s degree. Yet most of these students do not even make it to their second year of community college. The average dropout rates for community colleges is at a staggering thirty-nine percent. That would mean out of one hundred students, thirty-nine would drop out; that is over one-third. There are many reasons as to why dropout rates are so high. Students often drop out because they are unengaged in the classroom and they do not have enough time to truly commit themselves to school. When students drop out, they limit themselves to future career opportunities and limit their earning potential.
One of the key reasons as to why students decide to drop out of community college is because they are unengaged in the classroom. In today’s community college classes, all professors do is lecture. Never truly engaging with the whole class. Because of this, students become bored or tired of the class and ending up skipping it and eventually dropping out of community college altogether. In Bowler’s article, “Dropouts Loom Large for Schools,” he quotes Mark Schneider, a vice president of the American Institutes for Research, saying that, “…Schools can increase graduation rates if they’re devoted to making student success a priority and if they work at it.” Not only do the student’s education rest in the professor, but also their enthusiasm to learn. It is a professor’s job not only to teach the class, but to also make their students want to learn...

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...th these types of jobs and will thus earn less in their lifetime than people who have obtained one. A lower income will affect all aspects of life including the social and economic environment someone lives in. Overall not having a college degree corresponds with having a lower income than average.
In conclusion not having a college degree can and will affect the life of college dropouts for the worse. In order for community colleges to lower their attrition rates, they should make their professors engage with their students more. Colleges should also offer more courses online for those students who have to work. This will help students who have to work by creating more flexible class schedules. Students should think about long term effects of dropping out of college and how they are limiting not only their future job opportunities, but also their potential earnings.

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