drop out rates in low income families

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You’re walking through the doors to the next four years of your life. You picture one big day coming out of the four years spent here. Graduation day. Walking across the stage with your cap and gown on along with the rest of your class. The feeling of accomplishment. Finally, after all those years of going to school, it comes down to this day. Suddenly, dark clouds start rolling in and lighting strikes. You’re half way through sophomore year and its all taken away. Graduation is just a dream you once had. No more school, no more hanging out with friends and no more school events. It’s time to grow up, leave school behind and start to help supporting your family. This is the new life that many teenagers are being forced to live.
Every year in the U.S. about 1.3 million students drop out of high school (Sikhan). According to statistics and studies, high school dropout rates are significantly higher in low income families due to the way they live at home. This can all change if schools get more involved with their students by creating after school programs to help with material that they don’t understand and have the school check up on students who aren’t doing as well as they’d like them to be doing.
Students who drop out don’t get the necessary skills needed for adulthood. Once a student stops going to school they lose the fundamental skills of being a good reader that could’ve been made stronger along with their literary skills (Naylor). They’ll start to fall behind on math which can cost them the valuable skill of learning how to manage money and finances.

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One major negative effect is that the brain won’t fully develop but their body will (Background).
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