Essay about Why Students Are More Successful Than Others

Essay about Why Students Are More Successful Than Others

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There have been differences in the way that students have been performing in different schools with some being successful while others have been unsuccessful in their studies. As a result of these differences, different explanations have been developed to explain the differences that exist in the way that students perform in their schools. As such, this paper will discuss the reasons that explain the reason why some students are usually successful in schools than others.
There have been a number of discussions explaining the reasons why some students are more successful than others in schools with the best reasons for student’s success and school failure being better explained by the primary sociological theories. The sociological theories are seen to offer the best reasons for explaining the differences in the performance of students. As such, some of the reasons why some students are more successful than others include the following.
Favorable curriculum
In the education sector, a curriculum has been defined as the totality of all the experiences that a given student passes through his or her process of education. It is the way in which educational instructions are given to students for purposes of helping them to learn and succeed in their studies. As such, the way that different schools develop their curriculum may differ and this may cause a difference in the way that students grasp the ideas passed to them by their instructors. It is important to note that, some curriculums may be designed in a way that they favor some students while making others to struggle in their learning endeavors. As a result of this, those students who are favored by the curriculum will ultimately perform better than those students ...

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...p being successful than those students who have poor learning attitude.
To conclude, it is important to note that different students have different abilities and the performance of each of them is dependent on a number of factors. As a result, there are differences in the way that students perform with some being more successful than others. Thus, this paper has explained some of the reasons why some students are more successful in school than others by explaining some of the factors that affect students performances.

Education codes in most states provide an elaborate system of notifications and interviews designed to keep students from frivolously dropping out. If we are serious about retaining students, the adults in the educational system need to make this message clear at all levels, in our words and in our actions, throughout the school year.

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