Why Should We Teach World History? Essay

Why Should We Teach World History? Essay

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When it comes to subject of world history in the high school setting there are many grumbles and moans. This stems from the multiple amounts of challenges that come along with teaching world history. Teaching world history is more difficult than teaching any other high school history subject for a multitude of reason. Some of the many different reasons that challenge high school world history teachers are controversy over what should really be taught in American school’s world history classes, the ridiculous amount of information that is expected to be covered, the small amount of times schools are giving to world history class periods, and of course the lack of funding and attention paid to the subject of world history. As we will see these very reasons are what make teaching world history unattractive to many high school social studies teachers.
The first controversy or problem in teaching world history is finding out what arena your bosses and yourself want to follow in the teaching of world history. When it comes to teachers, administrators, and schools officials view on world history they can fall into one of two different categories that represent what they believe should be taught in a world history classroom. One arena of educators and leaders believe world history should focus on earth as one by teaching and connecting the many different civilization, societies, and other items of historical reference as one whole. The other arena of educators and leaders believe one should focus on the world, but through the connection of Western political and intellectual ideas so that it strengthens students understanding of the United States. Having these two separate thoughts on how world history should be taught makes a ...

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...s can be frustrating to anyone teaching world history for the simple fact it would make a teacher feel under appreciated.
As we are now able to see there are many difficulties and challenges a teacher must face when given the task of teaching world history in the high school setting. Teachers must understand their school districts plan for teaching the world history curriculum and how their plan affects the teaching of the curriculum. World history teachers must also try to cover a very broad range of content and literacy standards in short periods of time. On top of these problems world history teachers get little to no funding for professional development or advancement of the subject. Ultimately be a world history teacher has its many challenges, but when it comes down to teachers must do all they can so that students have a chance for educational success.

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