Why I Chose A Business Degree Essay

Why I Chose A Business Degree Essay

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Out of 59 million people who were employed in 2015 with a bachelor 's degree, the 12 million who majored in business were most likely to be employed full-time and year-round. This shows that choosing a major requires careful consideration, time, and effort. After changing my major three times I finally came to the conclusion that being able to come directly out of college with a variety of different skills that I can apply to almost all industries was my top priority. This is why I chose a business degree, specifically double majoring in finance and marketing. Since getting a business major provides jobs in many different industries, provides a wide range of different specializations, helps the economy and your personal life in beneficial ways, and has a high growth potential, a business major is an excellent choice for many different personality types and career goals.
One of the main benefits of a business degree is its adaptability to the real world. Unlike a specialized degree, a business degree can help you open your career in many different industries, which can help when pursuing a job right after graduation. As you earn your degree in business you are required to take a variety of different level courses where you will develop a variation of skills and experience that can be applied to jobs in almost all industries. These industries include manufacturing, healthcare, finance, insurance, public administration, education services, information, retail, administrative and wholesale trade. According to Tilus, all of these industries put together provide more than 85% of employment opportunities. Having this type of flexibility is something many college students cannot brag about.
Not only will you walk out of college with ma...

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...n help pay for your family. Knowing that you are going to be able to support yourself and your loved ones is one of the main reasons why you attend and graduate college. With a promising growth rate and high salary, how could you not get a degree in business?
Overall, choosing to major in business is the best way to fulfill all of your personal and financial needs for your future and happiness. If you continue to pursue the major that you are currently studying I strongly advise you to think about the benefits of becoming a business major. Business degrees allow jobs in many different industries, different specializations for each career goal, benefits to your personal life and a promising growth rate. A business degree can unravel a world of opportunities while providing you the gratification of supporting your loved ones and inventing a better life for yourself.

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