Narrative Essay On Becoming A Nurse

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Heather hadn’t given much thought to becoming a nurse before that night, but after that night, everything changed and Heather had a new perspective. In this story, Heather first learns of her trait and why she wants to become a nurse, We take a look at her goals and things she’s accomplished so far, we delve deeper into her strong compassion and love for people who need it most, we find out about the hurt she had to face, and we find out what priceless gift Heather was given to heal her broken heart. One night, a young girl by the name of Heather went to the nursing home with her mother where she worked for the very first time. Her mother was a nurse there and had found out she could bring Heather to work with her so she came along. It was there that Heather had met a sweet old lady with dementia whom she had had the pleasure of knowing for a few short months, but in a few short months she learned a lot. She would come with her mother as often as she could so she could sit with the old lady. She got to do things for the old lady like brush her hair and wheel her down the hall in her wheelchair and just sit…show more content…
She strives to make good grades and study hard and the thought of earning her degree gets her up in the morning because if she earned her degree she could do what matters to her and make a difference in other people’s lives as well. There is a lot that goes with being a nurse. Patience is the first one and Kindness is the second. It’s not about just helping. It’s about caring. It’s about being there for them in their last days to comfort them. It’s about being there to steady someone if they stumble. It’s about comforting them if they’re sad or upset or calming them if they’re angry. Through a nurse, they have someone who they can count on. "The society is better off when we care for each other" (Wuthnow
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