My Career In Nursing: A Career As A Nurse

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I was never one of those who as a young girl wanted to become a nurse, I knew I always wanted to work in health care administration. I will say my journey to become a nurse started after facing some challenging health and personal experience. I lost my father suddenly to heart disease at age 15. My father was my bedrock who at that time always wanted me to become a nurse, but as a teenager I wanted to do my own thing. Not until I experienced a series of hospitalization. One that stood out for me was when I was in the hospital for two weeks getting exchange transfusions, and I almost died. The nurses were incredible. They were angels at my bedside. They encouraged me, worked me through my treatment plan, and explained every detail to me. The nurses were the parents I did not have at my bedside for 24 hours. After discharge, I started to think about a career in nursing. Not too long after this occurrence, I started taking my prerequisites while I volunteered at Bellevue Hospital. After a long journey, I finally became a registered nurse.
Nursing indeed is a selfless profession with periods of happiness and sadness. The nursing career is a rewarding, a
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It can distinguish the moment between life and death. As a bedside nurse, I continue to improve on this skill. Paying attention to every single detail helps me with my assessment, diagnosis, planning and intervention. Attention to detail is what makes a difference in how a provider solves the puzzle to a medical problem. I want to be the provider who listens to her patients, hear their needs and most times offer solution. Paying attention to crucial details and observing patients during care assessment improves critical thinking abilities and provides the opportunity to diagnose patients and implement interventions with utmost integrity. A detailed evaluation is necessary to avoid sentinel events and near misses when providing

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