Why College Should Get Pay Of Your Student Loans? Essay

Why College Should Get Pay Of Your Student Loans? Essay

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“Why go to college to just pay of your student loans?” This is a frequent statement that many people make. College today is a Multibillion Dollar Industry that millions of people pay to attend. Throughout the years’ college has been turned into a fraudulent system created to make money rather than educating their graduates, and helping them find jobs that will benefit them in the long run. Many, if not all fear that college won’t offer them a well paying job. Instead they fear of living pay check to pay check of a job not involving their degree. A college degree is the one key principle that most successful people have. A college degree can be the difference between having happiness and success, or being over stressed and unsuccessful.
Besides stressing over the thought of going to college, deciding your career path adds more pressure. We start to take in consideration the argument of Patrick Allitt. Should I go into liberal arts, or will I have more value have a specialty or vocational training? How far will my career take me, and how much in debt will I be in? These are just a few questions that must run through every college student.
The first year of College, students are taught the basic, everyday knowledge needed to be a productive member in our society. The first year and/or two are meant to create a base for the rest of the college career. Students are thought the basics of different fields, which we recognize as general education courses. These courses are there to challenge the student to discover new things, and become productive members in our community. During the first year or two, students may know what field they would like to be in.
Having extensive knowledge in your field, will lead to connections, jobs,...

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...n the Medical field. They tend to pay more, and have more jobs in the field. Yet, you can always have two degrees, and introduce a liberal art into your specialization.
Going to college for four years, for many can be seen as a long time, while for others it is only the beginning. Although the first years, are a base, and exploration of your future career, in order to continue to succeed, the bachelor degree is required. It may seem like a waste of time, or money, but if chosen wisely, time will only be one great investment for the future.
In order to be have an education, money, and be content, is knowing that you accomplished a well earned degree. A degree must be chosen wisely, so time and money don’t seem wasted. Your degree will open doors only those with a degree have access to. A college degree is not a piece of paper, but one of the keys to a better life.

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