Essay about Who Is The Most Difficult Situation?

Essay about Who Is The Most Difficult Situation?

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The most difficult situation I had to face was during my clinical rotations, when I was asked to explain to a patient the course of her disease and that she only had a few more days to live. The patient was diagnosed with an extremely malignant cancer known as osteosarcoma that had spread to most of her organs. I have never been in a situation like the one I was in and did not even know how to introduce the topic. I guess it is fair to say that I was going to encounter such a scenario one day or another. The doctor who asked me to do this had too much confidence in me, a confidence I did not even have in myself. The man is filled with energy and humor, and is very good at dealing with people, especially at emotional times. He has a particularly unique way of cheering people up with jokes and stories, even during such emotional situations. However, he was a strict leader when it came to hospital management. I recall him scolding at other surgeons in the conference room during monthly meetings. He even lost his temper once, when the anesthesiologist failed to give the proper dose as he instructed. Therefore, I could not mess up the one job I was expected to do. I was a nervous mess before walking into the patient’s room. However, somehow I was able to pull myself together. One of the reasons I got a grip over my anxiety was because I realized that I will have similar conversations with several patients down the line, matter as well start now. I entered the room with a gentle heart, and sat down with the patient and started having a calm, but casual conversation. I got to know the patient a little better. The reason I did this was because most often doctors see patient charts more than the actual patient, so they don’t end up knowing...

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...tly and the circumstance would not have been the same. Thus, openings are a very important strategy to master. If such a situation presents itself again, I strongly believe I will be able to handle it in a more appropriate way. My experience, although not a very good one, has made me more confident in dealing with such patients. I will ensure that I learn and know about the patient’s personality, character and etc… before I meet the patient in the room. If I am not comfortable with the situation, then I will ensure that I inform the supervisor and request him to assist me. I will learn from doctors, who deal with such patients on a daily basis, on how to best open conversations with terminally ill patients. Keeping the significance of conversation openings in mind, I am confident that I will be able to handle such a situation again, after all, practice makes perfect.

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