Staffing In Nursing Essay

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Staffing in Nursing
How come my nurse doesn't spend more time with me? Why is she/he always rushing to get out of my room? Staffing in nursing is probably one of the biggest issues in health care nowadays. For one, there are just too many patients and not enough nurses, which makes it unsafe for the clients and the licensed professional.
The administrators must reduce the ratio of nurse to patient because the current nurses' workload can lead to nurses' burnout, patient dissatisfaction, and negative patient outcomes.
Thousands of nurses throughout the nation are exhausted and overwhelmed due to their heavy workload. The administrators do not staff the units properly; therefore, they give each nurse more patients to care for to compensate for the lack of staff. There are several reasons to why
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Poor staffing stresses every nurse and makes them despite what they once loved to do. Nurses are overworked and because of that they may not provide adequate patient care.
Patient safety should be the highest priority when it comes to health care, so why wouldn't the administrators reduce the ratio of nurse to patients to provide maximum patient care? Nurses that have a higher workload of patients are probably more prone to commit a medication error because they may not have the time to do the five checks of medication administration: the right drug, the right dose, the right route, the right time, and the right patient.
Keller et al. (2013) stated that thousands of patients die after hospitalization and these deaths could've prevented with more nursing care. Keller et. al (2013) also stated that 4535 patients (2%) out of 232,342 died shortly after hospitalization. "The difference between 4:1 and 8:1 patient-nurse ratios may be approximately 1000 deaths in a group this size" (Keller et al.
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