Nursing: The Issue Of Incivility In Nursing

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Incivility in Nursing
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the issue of incivility in nursing and how this affects the work environment, the importance that this has in the microsystem and the nursing profession and how suggestions on how to create healthy work atmosphere through my advanced practice in the family nurse practitioner field.
According to (Abdollahzadeh, 2016), the issue of incivility in nursing can be defined as “low intensity” deviant behavior with the intent to harm the target. Nurses are subjected to incivility at a higher rate than other job fields, and this concern is one that has an impact on the mental health and well-being of nurses and can lead to a reduction in job satisfaction and employee recruitment and retention
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Employee psychological health is something that should be taken into consideration when a person can improve the outcome of new graduate nurses and seasoned nurses alike; this is something that I know I will continue to strive for creating healthy working environments for staff and myself. Using many of the techniques that have been researched and continue to keep abreast of the most current research will aid in achieving the most positive outcome for staff and patients. I know that while I have not been subjected to this situation personally, it is something that can happen to anyone and with the use of stress relieving interventions on a daily basis will hopefully be able to defuse a potential situation before it arises. While it is not always easy to embrace my character flaws, I feel that if I continually strive to incorporate a positive environment for myself and staff that positive results will ensue from…show more content…
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