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What's Human Salvation Essay

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Salvation is the elimination of danger, evil, and suffering through the process of redemption, deliverance, or liberation (Livingston 311). Correspondingly, salvation is the fundamental goal of religion, as it is the process of riding evil and disorder through definitive transformation (Livingston 312). Nevertheless, in religion, salvation can be found in the present life or after life. Therefore, salvation plays a large role in religion in regards to both the whole community and the individual.
First of all, salvation plays a monumental role in religion in regards to the whole community. For example, various religions believe that communal salvation can be attained through the introduction of a holy occurrence or Golden age. To illustrate, ancient Israelites believed in the “day of Yahweh”, which is a “period of unbroken prosperity and glory inaugurated by Yahweh’s victorious overthrow of Israel’s enemies” (Livingston, 317). Today, these manifestations are depicted through resurrection, Heaven and Hell, and immortal life (Livingston 320). Correspondingly, these beliefs stimulate communal morality and order through the need of salvation. To illustrate, the terrible images of Hell and the pleasant imagery of Heaven have initiated societal order as individuals follow commandments depicted by the divine in order to obtain salvation. Furthermore, Livingston states, “resurrection was conceived as the establishment of the righteous in a kingdom on earth” (324). Likewise, in regards to immortal life, the community typically ascertains positive characteristics in order to obtain salvation in their next life.
Second, salvation in religion plays a large role for the individual. Salvation is the ultimate way to reduce pain, anxiety, guilt...

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...y typically strives for salvation due to holy occurrences such Heaven and Hell, immortality, and resurrection. On the other hand, salvation plays a large role in religion for the individual as it eliminates evil, fear, danger, and more.
Nevertheless individuals typically ascertain different perception of salvation: faith, devotion, obligation, and meditation. Therefore, the concept of salvation is utilized all over the world as individuals desire liberation from their everyday hardships.

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