Benefits Of New World Religions

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In a world where full of choices and competition, it only makes since that religion should be full of options as well. The big three religions in the world were founded well over 1000 years ago, and were born in a much different time period in which people live in today. New World Religions are the missing puzzle piece for some who do not feel at home with the worlds older Religions. New world religions have some benefits as they provide religious practices based out of the modern world. By using science and the study of nature, new world religions help some find religions who do not feel at home with the worlds older religions.
New religions movements are defined as any religious group that has come to be in modern times, and is large enough
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Since many of the main religions were formed thousands of years ago, some people find their teachings hard to believe. For some, a religion that is more modern and born out of this century is more believable, and important to them. Many of the new religions take a scientific focus on their beliefs that is absent in the older religions (Van Voorst 337). Having the ability to address modern concerns in new ways attracts a whole new audience that many not be interested in the traditional churches (Van Voorst 337). New religious movements are also often technological advanced. For instance the Church of Scientology is well known as having one of the nicest websites of any church out there (Van Voorst 336). Studies show that religion can have many positive impacts on some one’s life. Religion gives people things such as a meaning, a purpose, and hope (Raman). New religious movements help to brighten people’s lives that still want the positive benefit of religion, but cannot find themselves believing older religions. It also helps to bring communities together, and creates support groups that help the needy. New religions provide an escape for people who feel the need to belong to something in their life. By practicing the religion, and following its rituals, one can help them find calmness and stability