Essay What Would Life Be Without Technology?

Essay What Would Life Be Without Technology?

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Personal Statement

From an early age I have always been interested in the way the business and technology world operates among our everyday lives. Since starting my A levels, the complexities of the business and technology industries have become more clear, the way it is forever changing and adapting to create more paths to success is a feature I can also apply to my own life. I realise that not just academic understanding is needed but motivation, creativity and hard work is needed to flourish. What would life be without technology? In this world that we live in it is impossible to be fully efficient in a business society without having grasp knowledge of information and communications technology. Information technology is ever changing in our business society and I desire to be a part of this changing process.
My passion for business expanded when I chose Business Studies as one of my three A Level subject choices. I am able to view many businesses analytically and make suggestions regarding possible improvements. Although this subject is somewhat demanding, I find it extremely interesting. It was the first subject that truly caught my attention and got me thinking about its relevance outside of school. One of my favourite aspects of studying Business was the Marketing unit. I enjoyed this most because of the excitement and fast pace of the content.
Furthermore having ICT as my other main A Level subject, it has led me to strive to study computing to a much greater depth. My IT teacher made the biggest impact, for it was he who shifted my interest from hardware to software and introduced me to programming. In his class I improved my problem-solving ability. Business Studies and Religious studies are other subjects that honed t...

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... particularly working in the business industry. . Here I observed and assisted in various areas of the business. I was able to fully appreciate the duties involved in the distribution and communication of knowledge in the education system. I completed all the tasks assigned to me correctly and efficiently, through marking orders and transactions and being responsible for customer issues/questions.
In conclusion
I consider myself to be a hard working, outgoing individual who is enthusiastic and willing to learn. I am looking forward to the challenge of university life, both socially and mentally. I strongly believe that my years at university will be enjoyable and those that I will remember for the rest of my life. Most of all I am hoping that my chosen subject will give me a strong foundation to take upon a successful career inside the computing and business world.

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