Essay on What 's Your Real Age?

Essay on What 's Your Real Age?

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What’s your real age?
On October 1, 2016 I took the real age test on a website that asks various health and lifestyle questions in order to identify the true age of an individual. I tried my best to answer each question as honestly as possible and was informed that my real age was 33.7, which is 4.4 years younger than my chronological age. I must stay this made me feel good, but I was eager to know why I was not rated younger or older. As I reviewed my recommendations I was given an accurate guide of what I am currently doing that is keeping me young as well as areas I should improve on. In this short essay I will discuss the three thigs that I am currently doing which make me young and three items I must improve in order to improve my longevity. Additionally, I will address two behaviors, which I can change today in order to improve my wellbeing and thus my quality of life as well as possibly extend my stay on this earth.
According to there are many areas in my life I am doing particularly well which makes my real age younger than my chronological age. Out of the four selected sections which include: (a) health, (b) feelings, (c) diet, and (d) fitness; health was identified to be the best, whereas feelings were the worst. The following three areas in my life I seem to be doing well and should continue to do in order to stay young are (a) staying away from sunburn, (b) maintain sense of purpose, and (c) walking. Because I was born and raised in a cold climate, Siberia, Russia, I did not expose my skin to sun as much as I could have if I had lived all of my life in California. However, be it that I have lived most of my life in California, I have sun bathed in the sun cov...

... middle of paper ... affects me and letting go of things I do not have control over. I am a firm believer that God has me on a path that I should be on and there is always a way out if I trust in Him and allow myself to not be overwhelmed.
Thus, in order to improve my stress level my goal is to increase my coping skills, which I believe should include regular exercise, cardio in particular, that are added into my regular weekly schedule. Additionally, I must practice my faith better than I am currently doing. The activity of taking the test and reflecting upon the recommendations has been very beneficial to me. As I age working towards improving various aspects of my daily/weekly routine will help me in my longevity as well as positive aging process. Additionally, it allows me to think about the aging process in a different way, which I can also share with my patients as I provide ca

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