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We are all victims of aging. We can witness our inevitable fates in the elderly with their wrinkled, loose skin and gray hair. You can try and mask the effects of aging, but you can never escape from it. From the moment we are born the natural process of aging begins. Its effects can be seen on our face and body as we grow from a child to an adult. Soon after our bodies have matured into young adults, the degenerative properties of aging begin to negatively impact the body. Aging goes deep beneath the superficial changes like of a balding head, wrinkled skin, or a grey head of hair. These inconspicuous changes occur inside the body affecting cells and organs such as the brain, heart, or lungs. In addition to the deterioration of health of the brain and heart; bones can become weaker and shorter and our vision and hearing impaired or even lost. There are genetic factors and environmental conditions that may contribute to the cause and effects of aging. With age, there is also an increase susceptibility to diseases, cellular damage, genetic mutations, and cancers. Although there have been many advances in medicine and technologies which have allowed us to live longer lives, aging is still an unavoidable natural process.
The basic structural and functional units of an organism are cells. They are the smallest living units in the human body. Over time, cells begin to experience changes associated with the process of aging. These changes occur slowly at first, but progressing over time. Aging cells are more susceptible to an increase in cellular damage, which can lead to abnormal cell function. As a result, cell division and replication occurs at a slower rate or may not occur at all in some cells. All cells con...

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...inated through urine. In men, it can cause erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness in women.
The natural process of aging is inevitable and we cannot escape it. The deterioration in health is associated with many factors like genetics and the environment. However, there are precautions and preventative steps we can take to help age healthier. Not smoking can prevent premature wrinkles and some sagging of the skin. A healthier diet and exercise can help maintain a lower weigh and keep your heart healthy. Taking supplements and vitamins can help the body when it’s difficult to receive there from your diet. When a person is not getting enough calcium from their diet they may resort to calcium supplements that can help with bone density loss. Everyone dreads getting old, but being well informed and taking preventative care can help with affect the changes of age.

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