What I Learned From The Writers Mind When Writing Essay

What I Learned From The Writers Mind When Writing Essay

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Over the period of time that I was in this course, I thought it would be a very simple and easy to finish class. But as time went on, I found myself to be demanded more of what I think, what I feel, what must be relied on my ability to understand the concepts and conventions of not only the essays, but of what goes on in the writers mind when writing.
Though it isn 't just about the writing that has captivated me over the course period, it is the fact that I had to undergo an evolution of what I considered to be okay in writing. Things I found to be passable are now considered to be mediocre in the expense that I did not pay attention to the small bits of detail there was. The course was not at all a challenge, however the real challenge was what I had to accomplish to get to this point. I really wish it was as simple as logging on to the course, read the chapters and take the quizzes to get the grade to pass the course. The truth of it was, as time went on the less time there was for me to attempt to fill in what I needed to accomplish in this course. However, be that as it may I held my own and continued through trial and error to accomplish all that I can in this class.
The quote above ("It is necessary...for a man to go away by himself...to sit on a rock...and ask, Who am I, where have I been, and where am I going" - Carl Sandburg) is an example of that literary evolution that I had undergone. Who am I, Where am I, and Where am I going with this, are the most important aspects of self reflection and self analyzing. What has occurred over the period of this course are multiple periods in which I had to self identify myself not as a writer, but as a person of character. A voice, over a one dimensional background to not ...

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...son I love writing, eventually it occurred to me that even if I didn 't do a complete 180 and start loving academic writing, that the lessons could carry over into my story writing. I began to focus more on the works I created and the quality rose as a result.
In closing I enjoyed this class. It was a bit stressing at first but eventually I came to understand the content. This course helped me narrow down what errors or mistakes I make in any writing I do, and shows me how I can correct those mistakes. Whether I start writing novels as a full time job, or start working in an office I 'll be able to use that knowledge. I only have one suggestion. Maybe add a pdf or word document that has a short summary of the basic "rules" of writing essays. Some people (like me) haven 't written them in a long time so its nice to get a refresher to prepare for the course ahead.

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