Essay on What I Have Found Most Interesting About Communicating Persuasively

Essay on What I Have Found Most Interesting About Communicating Persuasively

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The purpose of this memo is to discuss what I have found most interesting about “Communicating Persuasively.”

It is interesting to learn that there is more in “Crafting a Persuasive Argument” than what I have realized. I had never given thought to the idea that persuasiveness was more than merely pointing out facts, but, there is also another component that includes opposing arguments. At the introduction to chapter eight of our textbook “Technical Communication” (page 170); I am reminded there are six steps in crafting a persuasive argument, the point of my discussion.

The process of identifying the elements of my arguments (pages 175, 176) may be the easiest component in putting one in use, but making it persuasive is a lot more difficult because; not everyone (maybe no one), shares my ideology. In the context of business: If I want to set up an online grocery store, I must write a business program that will convince investors to grant me the funds that are necessary to get it started. The process begins with, researching the industry to find out if it is v...

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