Compare And Contrast The Transition From High School To College

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The Transition For most people, life has a seemingly generic series of events. From birth to death, life is often thought to be a string of standard moments, laden together in a string of monotony. For others, on the other hand, each day can be an adventure. The transition from high school to college is one such occasion where one could easily become lost in the sameness of those around them. Yet for those who can see the beauty in the differences and respect the similarities between the two; high school and college can easily be exceptional learning experiences in their own right. To begin, high school is the first step to the higher learning process. High school is supposed to equip one with the knowledge that will hopefully help them survive…show more content…
You don’t have your parents to look after you, to tell you right from wrong. By the time you go to college you are supposed to know the difference between right and wrong. You, as an adult, are expected to act like it. If you do something wrong there will be consequences and you are supposed to accept them. For example, if you did something wrong in high school your school would end up calling your parents; however, in college that doesn’t happen you need to deal with it. In college you have to be responsible to succeed. It’s all up to you in the…show more content…
However not everyone does get the opportunity to do so, so if you do be grateful. We can also compare that college is a lot more challenging and complex compared to high school. In college it is a higher level of learning, which required more time and effort that goes towards your studies. Even though college may be very tiring at some points, college is still way more enjoyable than high school. In college you have all the freedom in the world, which is very rewarding. However, having good judgment in college is a must because in college we are all mature students now. So this is the time to get to know yourself, and find what you can and cannot do, and once you find out you then get the opportunity to fix what is needed to be fixed. It is also the time to find what you enjoy to do and the things that you don’t enjoy. While high school and college may share some of the same aspects, it is obvious that college brings about more freedom. The transition from high school to college is a defining moment in anyone’s life. You really begin to figure out who you are, and where you will be. Independence becomes the norm in college, because the prying eyes of mom and dad are now a distant memory. You also get to explore your surroundings and find life long friends. This is a transition that can make or break you. But in the end, it is worth it. So, enjoy the

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