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Lifting my heavy head with eyes half asleep off of my comfortable and plush pillow I see 7:20am with the date of August 25th on my phone screen. The second day of classes is now upon me, trying to adjust not only to a new semester at school but also to living away from home, with strangers now known as roommates, and as a transfer student. Starting school has never felt this way, living in a brand new environment with my mom not being there to make me breakfast and to encourage me saying “Have a great first day, I know you’ll do great!” I was now one among the thousands of people that have worked so hard towards attending this prestigious University and some that were thousands of miles away from their homes and families. It is now 8:30am…show more content…
This idea was introduced by making our own eco-maps which looked at our eco-systems whether it be micro, mezzo, or macro doing this activity made me realize how the environment in which I surround myself influences in they way in which I perceive the world around me. When looking at the person in the environment there must be a dual focus that would simultaneously understand who the person is and the environment/situation in which they find themselves. Looking at the strengths of each client’s system is important in order “To discover the power within people and communities, I believe that social workers do the following: subvert and abjure pejorative labels; provide opportunities for connections to family, institutional, communal, and spiritual resources; assail the victim mindset; snub paternalism; trust people 's intuitions, accounts, perspectives, and energies; and believe in people 's dreams…it assumes that the strengths of individuals and communities are renewable and expandable resources. In this way, the ideas of community and membership become central to the strengths approach. “ (Saleebey, 2013,

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