What Can You Make Your Own Happiness? Essay

What Can You Make Your Own Happiness? Essay

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You may have heard that you can 't make someone happy, and in a way that is true. Happiness comes from within, so you can help make someone happy for a moment or two, but if they are generally not happy people, then you are not going to change their life around. However, if someone normally feels good about life and is having a hard time or just feeling upset or down, there are some things you can do to help them feel better and move out of their unhappy state.

As a bonus, when you make someone else happy, you boost your own happiness. Research has consistently shown that doing good things for other people, as opposed to doing things for yourself or doing nothing at all, increases your life satisfaction. [Source: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00224540903365554] And when you are a happier person, you are a kinder person, so the benefits just keep coming.

16 Tips To Make Someone Happy

Whether it is a stranger, someone you know only a little, or a loved one, the following tips on how to make someone happy can be used for everyone. Everyone has the power to do these things.

1. Believe Everyone Cares About You

This may sound like a weird tip, but if you believe that everyone cares about you, then you are more likely to instinctively do good things for them that make them happy. When you walk around closed off and in a state of suspicion, then you are going to hold back from doing a lot of things that would make others feel good, so believe that everyone cares about you and you will be more willing to take action on their happiness.

2. Give A Compliment

Everyone feels good when they hear good things about themselves. Compliments make us feel valued, and they give us a positive boost to our thoughts and self...

... middle of paper ...

...stress, which are all bound to make them feel better. Moreover, the gesture to help is an act of kindness, and all acts of kindness have the potential to make someone happy.

7. Give Them Something

Giving something to someone you love has the potential to make them very happy, especially when it is something that you know they want, no matter how little it is. But, you can also give something to a stranger and make their day. I have seen strangers give each other coupons in the grocery store and watched as they both laughed and felt good about each other and left the conversation with big smiles on their faces. Giving is the ultimate act of kindness, and I have yet to see someone scowl at a gift they get. Giving requires that you think about someone else and then take the time out of your day to buy or give them something, which they recognize and feel good about.

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