Was The Renaissance a Revolution? Essay

Was The Renaissance a Revolution? Essay

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The Renaissance is recognized as the rebirth of many studies manly found in Europe. It was a revival and rediscovery of arts and literature, the emergence of new scientific theories, philosophers, beginning of unfamiliar religions and writers who had the power to change future societies. I believe that the Renaissance in Europe was a revolution represented by the many great thinkers and artists who were able to make this time period significant.

Although it is true that the painters of the renaissance merely revived the works that of Classical Rome and Greece, artwork had evolved from strictly being of religious works to an illustrations that captured feelings and thoughts of the average person. This is birth of humanism, it dared artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michangelo to defy the church and create works of art that describe humans. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) was a skilled artist and scientist. Leonardo created the The Last Supper; a work of art that resembles the movement of humanism. The Last Supper portrays a very human-like Jesus surrounded by his apostles partaking in Jesus’s “last supper”. All of the disciples’ faces are seen with expressions of love, fear and sorrow, however the face of Jesus was left unfinished. Leonardo believed “that it was possible to conceive in the imagination that beauty and heavenly grace which should be the mark of God incarnate” (Vasari, Medieval Source Book). It is because of this that Leonardo’s last supper is notoriously known, the depiction of the divine being similar to humans foreign to the people of the Renaissance. After Leonardo, came another high renaissance painter Michelangelo who painted frescoes, in the Sistine Chapel, illustrating passages of the Old Testament from th...

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... and government and religion was never at a constant. Through the 14th century to the 17th many great thinkers (such as Petrarch) and painters (like Leonardo Da Vinci) emerged to create a significant revolutionary time period throughout Europe.

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