Vote for School Uniform: Vote for a Bright Future Essay

Vote for School Uniform: Vote for a Bright Future Essay

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Results from the “Stress in America” survey indicates, "'Many American teens report experiencing stress at unhealthy levels... teens report that stress is having an impact on their performance at home, work and school... stress levels were higher than that reported by adults"(Shapiro). While advancement in technology has enabled humans to live a safer and more comfortable lifestyle, the negative side effect of technology causes teens to feel a vast amount of stress. Due to the rapid advancement in education along with adolescence worries, teens constantly feel pressure whether it is personal or academic. However, due to the ever changing fashion trends, teens are using clothes as a way to make themselves feel superior. In today's busy and demanding society, the importance of a person's outer appearance has begun to overshadow an individual's interior and hidden characteristics. Mandatory school uniforms enable students and teachers to be in a healthy learning environment as it diminishes social pressure, improves school unity, and emphasizes education.
School uniforms are an ideal solution to the rapidly increasing pressure students must face as they try to balance and manage their taxing lifestyle. According to Ainsley Hartman, “As kids mature and begin to form self-identities, designer status symbols become more and more important as they try to fit in with their peers. All too often, children are bullied if they can’t afford the new designer jeans or the latest name brand shoes.” Students today are wearing different kinds of designs and styles, causing students to judge one another based on the clothes that they wear. Students are facing peer and social pressures, which include the fears of being a victim of bullying, due to ...

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