Violent Video Games On Youth Essay

Violent Video Games On Youth Essay

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Violent Video Games in the Youth
In the 21st century we now have better technology resulting into more video games and the popularity of video games are violent games such as Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Assassin Creed. Even though they have a mature rating, the rating doesn’t give the whole idea what environment the online game play creates and parents let their children play these violent videogames. In cases the parents can be aware of the violence around the game itself, but not aware of the environment these games have on the online game play. Parents should be monitoring children, ranging between 8-15 years old, playing violent video games because they begin to show signs of having more aggression at a younger age, they don 't learn moral consequences, confuse fantasy with real life, and a decrease in empathy with others.
There has been a multitude of studies on violent video games increasing aggression in the youth, Dr. Phil McGraw analyzed several studies to interpret why videogames are psychologically making younger kids more aggressive. Children in the range of 8-15 year old are becoming more aggressive and tend to release anger out in in less peaceful ways. Dr. Phil says that children “resolve anxiety by externalizing it” (McGraw 1), and releasing it by “attack[Children that seem to play violent video games are linked to developing more aggression and don’t sooth themselves in a peaceful when upset, but rather use a form of aggression to sooth themselves. Other views argue that we can’t really measure children’s aggression; however, there is that direct correlation to children having more aggression while they are actively playing violent video games. Young children may get upset because of the online environment of t...

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...have a harder time functioning in the real world.
When looking at violent video games and the psychological affect it is having on children, it’s hard to see the point where video games were meant for entertainment. Knowing that I started playing violent video games around the age of twelve and seeing my own connections that violent video games had on me at the time is what leads me to this argument. Now that I am playing video games for entertainment and hearing all these little bratty kids (following in the footsteps from the older players) playing Call of Duty has made me felt more confidence in the idea that children should wait to play violent video games until around 13-14, especially monitored while playing online with other players. At this age it can be more to their parents and something that should be discussed amongst them, while also being monitored.

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