Violent video games cause many problems for Teenagers

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In recent years, more and more people have disputed the popular sentiment about the violent video games are harmful for teens. Full blood and thunder scene in most violent video games, and moderating the fury and killing scenes in the game, and still some violence tour still plays with horror. Violent games can be sorted into four phases of violence:Violent video games are full aggressive games. It touches the teenager’s daily life. All sorts of action look like so thrilling and like just can do so in the violent video games. In fact, students cannot control curious by themselves, so most students will like to do an imitation of everyday life from violent video games. Close to campus violence and some students each fight before taking on violent video games, because they consider that it is cool and energized. Thus, they try to copy the violent video games some action and do it in the actual life,like 1999 USA "Columbine High School events”, Violenct video games are exceedingly popular with teenagers, most notably violent types. Teenagers are constantly to grow up and over a number of years become more belligerent towards other people. In the other word, teenagers like to act as violent video games ,why they ask to reduce the daily press or study pressure and for amusement. Some research tells us roughly the sex ratio playing violent games student relationship. The boy accounted for the full number of 97% and the total number of girls just under 3%! Violent games in sex selection is apparently inclined to boys, because most male children will force as an important element of individual ability and think this is so cool by themselves and the girls often hate violence and believe that is boring. Violent video games bad for tee... ... middle of paper ... ..., which in the realistic society and others employed to settle conflicts with violence. Secondly, it touches on the values of the young person. It blurs the teenagers to right or wrong value judgments, resulting in a digression of the value of the young person. Lastly, it influences adolescent emotion. Long term exposure to violent video games easy to induce young people accustomed to the blood and violence, and may make a kind of numbness of the panorama of lifespan.. As we mentioned,violent video games can bring many negative affect to teenagers.For instance,playing video games at whole night,through a poorly balanced diet,etc.On the other hand,if teenagers can limit themselves to taking on violent video games,like limiting their playing games times or let parents teach them what is the negative effects with them and then can be barred from campus violent events.

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