Violent Video Games Make People More Violent Essay

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This essay will look at if violent video games make people more violent in real life. Video games are games that can be played through a console, computer or game devices. Many people believe violent video games does not make people more violent in real life. While others think that they do, and deaths have been caused because of violent video game players. The first reason that violent video games make people more violent is that people have been killed because of violent video game players. Evidence of this is from CNN news showing that someone killed another person due to violent video game, “An 8-year-old Louisian boy intentionally shot and killed his elderly caregiver after playing a violent video game, authorities say.” This evidence proves that even a boy at the age of 8 would even kill someone due to playing a violent video game.…show more content…
This means that violent video games might not be the only reason to violent behaviour in people or children. Evidence of this is form 1800RESPECT showing how violence at home can effect behaviour, “They can act out, over-react, be hostile, impulsive, aggressive or defiant.” This evidence reveals that life at home could impact a child’s behaviour and grow up with that behaviour if nothing is done. As a result of this, violent video games may not be the reason of violent people, it could be because of family violence at home. In conclusion violent video games could make the player so violent to make the player kill a person and cause behaviour problems. However, violent video games may lead to a positive impact on student’s behaviour at school, as reported form teachers, maybe it isn’t the games causing violence in people, and it could be because of the area that they are living in. Therefore it is clear that violent video games don’t cause violence in real life, it’s generally because of the way they are treated at
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