Violent Crimes And Its Effects On Society Essay

Violent Crimes And Its Effects On Society Essay

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In every society, a continuous attempt has occurred on reducing human’s confidence and happiness. Crimes are one of the reasons behind this effort. This have been proven by Casciani (2015) stated that over seven million offenses happened in 2014, and an 11% fall for the past 12 months. Additionally, this study also shows than violent crimes are taking over the other crimes. As known, crime is action acting against the laws of the country, which is done usually by an individual (Oxford Dictionaries 2015). However, violent crime can be described only as a physical behavior done to the victim, such as hitting and assaulting. It has been revealed throughout social media and news that people with the age between fifteen and twenty-four are the victims of those crimes (Brown et-al 2012). This essay will limit on violent crimes, it will examine the three types, which are rape, kidnapping and domestic violence.

Firstly, rape crime has caused several impacts on both individuals and societies. Rape is known as an unlawful relation against a person (Cambridge Dictionaries 2015). Regularly, the person who commits rape personally knows the victim, thus, an unusual increase of crimes over the past decade has occurred; approximately 85,000 women and 12,000 men are raped in England and Wales each year, as average of 11 rapes every hour (Rape Crises England & Wales 2014.2015). Rape crime may cause offenders to transmit diseases like AIDS to victims (CDC 2015). Additionally, due to depression, the person could easily suffer from isolation because of the shock and fear that has approached (ibid). As a solution, police security could reduce rape crimes. Cities in the UK such as Bradford (Dahlgreen 2014) may be unsafe at night; therefore, the police...

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...olent crimes among with its impacts on both individuals and the societies. Rape, kidnapping and domestic violent crimes have been increasing over the past decades. Studies proved that these crimes had influenced individual’s behavior and attitudes towards the community. Researches have also suggested possible solutions by the government. This could happen by raising awareness and provide support in order to influence the surroundings. Although, this essay concentrated on three types, the issue can be further analysed by investigating different areas, such as murdering and robbery. It appears to be that government should play a major role on reducing such crimes by implementing restricted policies and laws.

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