Social Conformity And Social Inequalities

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Throughout lecture 5-9b we get introduced to Social Inequalities and explore the opportunities and rewards that are disbursed to groups and individuals. Trying to understand inequality patterns based on different varieties of sources. Through these lectures we focus how sociologist define social class, gender, age, region, race, and ethnicity. We also began to learn about the variables that affect someone’s access to opportunities and resources. We have explored how those resources and available opportunities are closely connected to the theory Structural functionalist by looking at the privilege and power in a society. Another important aspect is the study of Social stratification, which is an understanding of how those patterns of inequalities are maintained and challenged. We should have a basic understanding of how societies differ based on inequalities that they show and different varieties of inequalities that come together and reinforce one another. By that, this section is dissect how race, classs, gender, and age come together through structure of a society. Throughout these we also take a look at deviance and conformity. We get up close to the sociological definition of deviance, and emphasizing the importance its social reaction in societies. We begin to understand what forces society to allow or even encourage breakdowns of social order and disorganization of socialization and social control. By that, this section is dissect how race, class, gender, and age come together through structure of a society. We have been taught to answer questions like: what actions are defined as actually threatening to social order or deviant and who get to be the judge? Also what sorts of things lead to individuals to “deviant actions” a... ... middle of paper ... ... up information about crime and it is truly sad to think about. Undeniably, crime is all around us, everywhere we go. There is always someone out there committing crime. “Deviance” is not inherent in people, it is a process in which you learn. Yet through many series of socialization, such as parents, friends, class, gender, an individual or group can become “deviant”. The interactionist theories the best sociological explanation due to the fact that it can alter people values and perception in many ways. For instance, supervision of the so called “street” parents, have a huge effect on their children’s development. However, being labeled as a criminal by the society has made people living in the so called “streets” to accept this label as a criminal and obey and commit crime. This semester has enabled me to better understand on how crime is formed and how it works.
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