Essay about Violence Suffered by Natives of Kashmiris

Essay about Violence Suffered by Natives of Kashmiris

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Cycles of Violence: The impact of human rights violation on Kashmiris-with special reference to Women and Children

The objective of this paper is to study the impact of the constant cycles of violence suffered by the original natives of Kashmir, with special reference to Kashmiri women and children. This paper is descriptive and analytical in nature with historical references.

The paper is based on both primary research-in the form of interviews of the refugees (in Delhi and Jammu) and firsthand accounts- and secondary research material (including books, web pages, periodicals, newsletter etc) duly cited as footnotes on each page.

Cycles of violence: The impact of human rights violation
on Kashmiris-with special reference to Women and children

1947-48: Chaliyuv, Raliyuv ya Galiyuv!
Literally translated as: Flee, Convert (Blend) Or Die!

1989-90: Asi gachchi Pakistan, Batao roas te Batanev san!
Literally translated as: We want Pakistan, with their (Kashmiri) women and without their men.

Unending cycles of violence and turpitude, mass killings, decapitation, forced disappearances, torture, sexual violence and rape, cycles of suppression and oppression- graced with a mass exodus; in the Valley of Kashmir, the warm smell of death, of blood and gore and of course of gun powder hangs heavily in the sad air.
In any society, the weak are those who are dependent and defenceless and as unfortunate as it is, the female gender has no defence mechanism whatsoever, especially in a state existing in the throes of violence. Hence, women and children become the worst sufferers.
According to historical researchers and various Kashmiri organisations, the di...

... middle of paper ... the superfluous flow of cultural moors, oral traditions, folklore, philosophy, science - inculcating in the next generation all the ideas of their time), strongly feel that presently the community is like the flickering flame of a lamp which, with one strong gush of air, will be extinguished.
Their families torn apart or at best reduced to nuclear models, their culture dying, rich volumes of literature and philosophy staring back at them as if mocking their weakness amidst peals of laughter is inspiring the Kashmiris to try their best to preserve their ethnic, cultural and philosophical ground.
With lamenting hearts the community cries and shrieks in pain at the sight of their existence being reduced to nothing but mere fragmented words in the pages of history books.
1. Rashneek Kher- Roots in Kashmir

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