Violence Against Women in Iraq

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Violence Against Women in Iraq

Men in Iraq consider women to be the followers of men in both their household and in society. They believe women are not as capable as the men in decision making. Iraqi women are often limited to the stereotypical role of childbearing and managing the household affairs.

Honor killings, human trafficking, and domestic violence are a threat to Iraqi women and girls because of misconceptions in traditions and cultural beliefs. According to the UN Iraq 46% of girls who were aged 10-14 had been exposed to violence at least one time by a family member and 46% of women who are currently married were exposed to at least one form of spousal abuse. Of those married women 44.5% were exposed to emotional violence, 9.3% to sexual violence, and 5.5% to physical violence. Surveys said that only 2.8% of women are even willing to report the violence because they fear it will danger their reputation.

In early 2008 Rand’al-Qader was killed in Brasa by her father, who was assisted by two of her brothers. They killed her because she developed a friendship with a British soldier who was based in the city. Her father Abdel Qader’Ali admitted to killing his daughter when he was questioned by the local police. To this day he has still not been charged or tried. Leila Husseion, wo was Rand’al Qader’s mother left her husband and denounced his crime. She had to go into hiding. She left him with the support of a local women’s organization. She too was killed in 2008, she was shot dead in the street in Basra. The authorities have failed to identify the suspects. This case helps to illustrate the situation of women in Iraq. Women are faced daily with violence and systematic discriminatio...

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...dical and legal access, and help provide counseling for men and women.

In 2010 the Interior Ministry opened two protections centers for women in Baghdad, they say women rarely file complaints because they fear they will end up homeless and their families will reject them. According to the Huffington Post the center deals with less than 100 cases which were referred from court.

Here in Minnesota we have a program called The Advocates for Human Rights who bring awareness to the violence committed against women in Iraq. The program covers a large variety of topics. Their main focus is on helping stop violence against women and protecting human rights. They do not just focus on Iraq but all over the world. On their website you can get general information, news, facts, laws, policies, and outside resources. They consider themselves a forum for information.

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