Unrest in Kashmir

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Kashmir has been an immense issue since 1947. This downfall came along side with the partition of India-Pakistan. Both countries have been fighting for this territory and yet the feud still continues. We are still in the midst of deciding whether it belongs to the Indians or Pakistanis. Muslims and Hindus have been living together in Kashmir with peace and harmony. Later when the time came to draw a line between India and Pakistan the issue came to the naked eye when a decision had to be made about Kashmir being a part of India or Pakistan. This decision had to be made because both the Muslims and Hindus resided in Kashmir. This led to a serious issue as both would revere the same saints and prayed at the same shrines. But after the 13th century Islam became a majority religion in Kashmir which gave an edge to the Pakistanis for making Kashmir their land. But the catch to this Muslim majority was that they were led by a Hindu leader which gave a strong point to the Indian leaders. Although there was a clear Muslim majority in Kashmir before the 1947 partition the political developments during and after the partition resulted in a division of the region. The territory of Kashmir was contested even before India and Pakistan won their independence from Britain in August 1947. Under the partition plan Kashmir was free to accede to India or Pakistan. The maharaja, Hari Singh, wanted to stay independent but eventually decided to accede to India, signing over the key powers to the Indian government in return for military aid. Under the partition plan Kashmir was free to remain independent or become a part of either India or Pakistan. The maharaja took the decision of joining forces with the Indians which Pakistani argu... ... middle of paper ... ...stan says that India according to the UN resolutions in held Kashmir shall give right to vote to the Kashmiris. They should remove genocide by the Indians. Pull out Indian forces from held Kashmir for that purpose Pakistan has signed an agreement named Confident Building Measures and India is always trying to put hindrances in these measures because Indian thinks that ‘might is right’ because of their powers. It is a blunder to restrict all rational thinking to the four walls of regional politics. It is like viewing the world through a tinted glass wherein you find the color of the glass but not of the actual things. It will be worth noting how comfortable the contending parties are with the inception of new members and new elements. In my view point India and Pakistan should sit together to resolve issues through dialogues as war is not a solution to this problem.

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