The Vietnam War And How It Has Changed Over Time Essay

The Vietnam War And How It Has Changed Over Time Essay

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The Vietnam War and how it has been viewed in history has changed drastically over time. At first, during the early parts of the war the American Public was deceived by the government to think that the Viet Cong were monsters and American troops were there for the greater good and to stop the spread of communism. American Soldiers were portrayed as Heroes fighting for the common good and each was good inside. American technology and weapons were seen as superior to the enemy and the film showed battles where American’s earned victories. However, as the American public began to become aware of what really happened in Vietnam a very different narrative began to take shape. Hamburger Hill represents what America thought of the Vietnam War after many of the atrocities of the war came to light. Soldiers were no longer portrayed as the perfect American hero but instead as loose cannons often fighting amongst themselves and drastically underprepared for battle. There was racism within the troops as black and white soldiers would often clash. The American soldier portrayed in Hamburger Hill was far from perfect. The difference between the two films is highlighted by what the public knew about the war during the time of release. In 1968, the public was not aware of most of the atrocities and war crimes of American Soldiers but instead perfect honorable soldiers and the movie reflected what American’s believed. After War Crimes began to be revealed the American public’s view on the war drastically changed which is reflected in Hamburger Hill’s much darker tone.
Key differences in both films can be seen in the portrayal of American soldiers, the capability of American technology, the portrayal of Viet Cong soldiers, and the explanation of ...

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...Green Berets as widespread media coverage did not become aware of the massacre until 1969. The American Public believed we were not the aggressor in the war and we were there for the “greater good.” However when these revelations of massacres and war crimes become public knowledge the historical context surrounding the war changed drastically. The American public saw the enemy in which the government portrayed in their own soldiers as their entire view on the war was turned upside down.
The once positive outlook on soldiers and our motivation in Vietnam was completely tarnished as more and more war crimes became public more and more distrust and negativity came over the military and government, The complete change in context in the few nineteen years separating these two films is what makes them so different even when portraying the same war. Time changes everything.

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