Essay about Video Games: Harmful or Helpful?

Essay about Video Games: Harmful or Helpful?

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In recent years, video games have been blamed for causing a wide variety of problems throughout the world, but the benefits of video games certainly outweigh the risks. Video games provide a multitude of positive effects to human beings which aid in aspects daily human life. Positive effects of video games such as strengthening problem-solving and critical thinking skills, reducing reaction times, and reducing violence and crime rates are all skills which unquestionably prove as beneficial to the average human being. The major negative effects and arguments against video games are typically based on the desensitization of players and promotion of violence within video games. Video games have been a worldwide controversy since their birth and both sides of the spectrum encompass logical arguments regarding video games. Individuals on either side of the controversial battle have strong opinions; however, I believe video games are beneficial tools to humans and as they evolve, will prove increasingly advantageous.
Video games of all sorts enable users to embark on different missions or quests during game play therefore providing players the opportunity to gain essential life skills including both problem-solving and critical thinking skills. "Researchers found that those who engaged in the real-time military strategy game improved their "cognitive flexibility," or the ability to adjust their thinking to meet different situations" (Gold). This "cognitive flexibility" skill which is gained through playing strategy games could be applied to a plethora of real-life scenarios in order to result in a more successful and practical outcome to a wide array of tasks. If an individual can adjust their thinking in order to cope with cer...

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